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An Indian Summer | August 17, 2018

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400 Years of Britain & India Retrospect


• 4th August to 17th August - 11am to 5pm

400 Years of Britain & India Retrospect

2017 marked the 70th anniversary of India’s independence; an inspiring moment to reflect on the profound relationship between Britain, India and the subcontinent’s rich history and culture. Both Britain and India where in very different places 400 years ago and the interactions between both countries throughout those four centuries have come to shape our world today in more ways than one would expect.

1620s House and Garden, Coalville: Saturday 4th August (4.30pm to 5.30pm) – Marvel in the incredible history of Britain and India from the 1600s with Kathak Dancer, Seetal Kaur and Indian classical musician, Kaviraj Singh. The presentation will be accompanied with live music, majestic dance and Indian cuisine.

LCB Depot, Leicester: Saturday 11th August (4pm – 6pm) – Join us in an enthralling discussion with Seetal Kaur, Dr Vimal Patel and Shirin Shah, exploring what it means to be ‘Brown’ and British. 71 years on from Indian independence, what has been the impact of migration for 2nd and 3rd generation British South Asians? What defines our experience and sense of identity in a 21st Century Brexit Britain? This event will begin with a screening of the project’s film on Indian migration followed by a panel discussion on the ‘Brown’ experience in Britain.

LCB Depot, Leicester: 6th August to 17th August – Experience the films and exhibition at Lightbox Studious in LCB Depot, produced by Lorna Dunn and Ashok Mistry.