About Inspirate


Inspirate was set up to inspire, educate and challenge people through ‘creativity’. This happens through events, such as AIS, and other projects, seminars, talks or workshops.


The original idea of Inspirate was inspired by the famous talk by Sir Ken Robinson, “How Schools Kill Creativity”. Creative learning is missing from our school curriculums and our lives in general. We are boxed in as people and taught in only very few ways. We want to explore this and bring education back into peoples lives in a spectrum of engaging ways.


So, being able to challenge this and by reinserting creative learning back into our society is what drives our team. We are talking about adults, the elderly, children and young people. Everyone.


Inspirate is 4 years old and has been focusing on developing AIS to get it to where it is. We are now working on other groundbreaking projects that will help us to achieve our aims and objectives. Inspirate is just getting started.


If you already haven’t see it, check out Ken Robinson’s TED talk here:



Registered Address:
Inspirate, Workspace 14, Phoenix Square, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG
Company Limited by Guarantee, Company number 08024328