Nikesh Shukla

Nikesh Shukla is a writer of fiction and television. His debut novel, Coconut Unlimited was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award. His second book, The Time Machine charts the journey of a young man learning to cook  like his mum used to. In his latest novel, Meatspace, Nikesh writes about a social media obsessed author struggling to write his second book. His ‘lamb chop in space’ video went viral and was reported in news across the world. In this keynote talk, Nikesh Shukla will talk candidly about his experiences as a writer and read from his work. Followed by a Q&A with the audience.

The Modi Project Debate

Vimal Patel, PhD student and lecturer in history at De Montfort University invites you to a student led debate on India’s recently elected prime minister Narendra Modi. Does the success and popularity of Gujarat’s erstwhile chief minister reflect the bullish optimism of the Indian economy? Or could it be argued that Modi represents a social project of ‘Hindu-isation’ at the expense of India’s diverse and liberal culture? Please join us for what will be a lively debate about contemporary India, its politics and the man of the moment, prime minister Narendra Modi.

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An Imperial Type Writer (Leicester Writes Festival)

Recently published in an anthology called HIDDEN STORIES, this is a story concerning the Ugandan Asian strikers in the 1970s. Ghelani reads with accompanying archive imagery, stirring memories. A critical reflection and Q&A will follow the reading. And if you behave, Ghelani may read a little bit from her novel-in-progress, RUNAWAY, (second place 2014 Harry Bowling Prize for New Writing). It is a very contemporary Leicester story.

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India’s Rising Power in Africa

I am a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Leicester. My research explores the changing nature of India’s political and economic relationship with the African continent, from the 1800s through to the present day. As India is growing as a world power, this poses important questions over its influence in development aid, civil society and security. At the same time, contemporary relations are built on past collaborations, with consequences for historical Indian diasporic communities.

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Bali Rai (Leicester Writes Festival)

Bali Rai was born in Leicester in 1971 and grew up in a multicultural part of the city. After a brief stint working in London he returned home to Leicester and worked in a supermarket, bar and nightclub before turning his hand to writing full time. His first novel, Unarranged Marriage was written to critical acclaim and he has gone on to write many more. In 2010, his novel, Rani and Sukh became a set text for GCSE.


India Washroom Project

An account of the experience told by a DMU student. Bavia Dullah is a Business student at De Montfort University and was part of a team who travelled to Indore, India in February 2015 to work alongside a team at Daly College, Indore. The team collaborating to build a washroom in a government school close to Indore’ centre. The 10 day trip included the construction of the washroom, cultural activities and trips to Mandu and Maheshwar. Bavia will share his personal experiences of the whole trip and give some insight onto DMU Square Mile plans for the future with the washroom project with Daly College.

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