Asian Music Seminar Lite

Presented by Asian Music Publishing and AMS partners PRS for Music & a panel of top Industry professionals. The Asian Music Seminar has been running since 2012 in UK, Canada and India. This intense crash-course style ‘LITE’ event is coming to Leicester for the first time and shall be chaired by Terry Mardi (MD of AMP) and key expert panelists from the music Industry to discuss ‘HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS’. The panelists will reveal today’s commonly misunderstood income streams: topics covered will include; music royalties, synchronisation, running your own label, income from live shows and tours, digital revenue streams from music/video streaming, download, crowd funding and music merchandise opportunities. The AMS music listening session will allow selected demos to be played to the panel and receive valuable feedback for music creators.



In a small town in central India, kids and adults are equally obsessed with kite-flying. The airspace is dominated by a black kite called Kali with mysterious origins. A street kid Gattu, dreams of defeating Kali but fails. He discovers that the local school has a roof which will give him a vantage point. Impersonating as a student he sneaks into the school and must now pretend to study. The only problem — he is illiterate! Nonetheless, the little street urchin takes up the challenge. Dreams aren’t impossible when the desire is strong.

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Uganda Revisited

India and Uganda Reconsidered is a challenging element of our film festival programme presenting 3 films which highlight the complexities of tradition, gender and sexuality. There will also be a panel discussion considering the issues raised with Transindia director Meera Darji, author of Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance Anna Morcom and a LGBT Ugandan refugee Paschal.

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