About AIS festival

An Indian Summer is an annual festival delivered by Inspirate that explores Indian culture and heritage, past, present and future – we call it A Journey to the Heart of India. From 23rd – 29th June 2014, An Indian Summer will take over Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. It is an annual festival that gives people the chance to experience the varied culture of India. You will witness an enthralling mixture of film, food, theatre, music, dance, talks, games, comedy, workshops, art and exhibitions that will blow you away!


Join us on this journey for…




Sights and sounds to entice and excite the senses





Question what you thought you knew about India





Find something that makes you feel complete





Have an enjoyable time with family and friends


About Inspirate


Inspirate was set up to inspire, educate and challenge people through ‘creativity’. This happens through events, such as AIS, and other projects, seminars, talks or workshops.


The original idea of Inspirate was inspired by the famous talk by Sir Ken Robinson, “How Schools Kill Creativity”. Creative learning is missing from our school curriculums and our lives in general. We are boxed in as people and taught in only very few ways. We want to explore this and bring education back into peoples lives in a spectrum of engaging ways.


So, being able to challenge this and by reinserting creative learning back into our society is what drives our team. We are talking about adults, the elderly, children and young people. Everyone.


Inspirate is 4 years old and has been focusing on developing AIS to get it to where it is. We are now working on other groundbreaking projects that will help us to achieve our aims and objectives. Inspirate is just getting started.


If you already haven’t see it, check out Ken Robinson’s TED talk here:



Registered Address:
Inspirate, Workspace 14, Phoenix Square, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG
Company Limited by Guarantee, Company number 08024328

Who is AIS?


G Sian
Creative Director
Artist and filmmaker with capabilities extending beyond the academic, G is committed to providing meaningful access to culture and engaging in partnership building. He has a degree in Sanskrit and has lectured on the history of Sikh Art at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.



Jiten Anand
Event Project Manager
Having been with the team since the beginning of AIS, after graduating in multimedia, Jiten became fully involved with An Indian Summer in 2012 taking charge of the 20-strong media team. Since 2013 he has deployed his organisational superpowers to the breadth of the festival.



Suraj Kataria
Director and Company Secretary, Inspirate
A business minded individual with a passion for creativity, a degree in Business and Management, Suraj has help develop An Indian Summer since 2011 and uses his skills to ensure the AIS Team bring you the best festival (we hope) in the UK.




First presented in 2011 the brainchild of music producer Pritesh Varia and media practitioner Bipin Anand, An Indian Summer took place entirely at Phoenix Square Cinema and Media Centre. Festival highlights included a rare screening of the classic “Sholay” the festival brought to life the streets of India through “Horn Ok Please” video installation and took a high-tech twist on live table performance connecting online between Leicester and Mumbai.




The festival came outdoors into Orton Square and firmly established itself in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter incorporating; Phoenix – independent cinema, digital arts centre and cafe bar, Curve – Leicester’s state of the art theatre, LCB Depot – the dynamic, entrepreneurial hub for Leicester’s creative industries, and the Cultural Quarter’s excellent bars, restaurant and hotel.




In 2013 the festival grew from a weekend to a four day festival. We took interactivity literally to new heights over Indian rooftops with “Digital Kite Flying” a motion detection take on a favourite traditional pastime, presented 15 exhibitions and capped the festival with our hilarious headliner – Paul Chowdhury. Two more venues joined the family Makers’ Yard – Leicester’s newest studio space for artists and designer-makers, and Studio 79 – The biggest dance studio space in Leicester.




The festival grows on…2014 sees the festival grow to a whole week of events, enabling more community group participation and showcasing premier one-off events you should not miss…and of course the weekend madness will continue. Follow us on social media and visit our website regularly to stay up to date.