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An Indian Summer | April 25, 2018

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We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles from October until November for 3 hours a week:

Research Assistants
Exploring exciting historical events and figures, along with opportunities for in depth research on popular related facts about the 400 Year Relationship between Britain and India. You will gain training on research methods led by our Lead Researcher, learn about Oral History and carry out your own research for the project.

Delivering Talks
Using research to deliver a talk or Q&A at New Walk Museum, the talk will be a topic of your choice and a chance to share your research and findings with audiences as part of the festival. Enjoy researching your chosen topic and writing a talk structure, working with An Indian Summer to help practice delivering your talk and sharing your findings with audiences over the talk or Q&A.

Or, if you want to get involved with any aspect of next year’s festival let us know.

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